Safari - Know where you are going

Safari 4.0 made a few changes in the toolbar at the top of each web page. Some of the changes were easy to accept, while others caused more than a few negative comments.

One thing that disappeared was the blue progress bar that showed in the URL or address window at the top of each page. I don't particularly miss it. Perhaps that is because I did not pay too much attention to it. Instead, I use the Status Bar that can be added to the bottom of all Safari windows.

There is a good chance this piece is missing in your Safari window.

Check your View menu. If it says, "Show Status Bar," then you will not see it at the bottom of each window. If it says Hide Status Bar, then it will be present in each window.

This Status Bar can show you the address for links:

And it can show you the progress made in loading a web page:

Sometimes, the page will have stopped loading, but the count of completed items will indicate that the page did not completely load. This is usually called a server error." You can attempt to load the rest of the page by clicking the Reload icon that shows at the end of the address bar. Sometimes that will cause the missing items to appear. If they don't you may want to check the page with a different browser or later in the day.

While the status bar is pretty small, it can be very useful in web surfing.

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