Life Continues

It’s been a little over two months since I’ve added to my blog. The title pretty much says it all--life continues.

My shoulder is still “frozen,” but not quite as immobile as it was in February. My physical therapist says that I am making good progress, but the only acceptable progress for me is a complete cure. That has not happened. I look forward to several months of continued work.

Our big plan for April was a MacMania cruise with Neil Bauman and his staff at
Insight Cruises. Our trip was cancelled at the last minute when my husband discovered he had a kidney stone. The doctor strongly recommended that we cancel the trip. We are learning why it is so important to buy trip insurance. We are waiting to hear if we will receive a total refund.

On the weather front, spring has been glorious around Washington DC. However, it is currently quite cool. It’s more like early March instead of late April.

Both Ron and I got the new iPads and we are really enjoying them. We are also loving the additional Apple TV. Being able to stream things from the iPad directly to our big TVs is so convenient. I am really looking forward to being able to stream directly from my MacBook Pro when Mac OS X Mountain Lion is released.

I am still spending far less time at my computer. Unfortunately it is still painful to type, no matter where I sit. I have lots of new things I want to write about, but after 10-15 minutes, I have to quit to rest my arms and shoulder.