Adding Groups to Address Book

Ron and I recently took part in MacMania 11, a themed cruise from Insight Cruises. Over 100 people were a part of our group. While many were old friends from previous cruises, approximately half of the cruisers were new to the experience.

MacMania is an opportunity to spend time on a cruise ship with fellow Mac users and Mac luminaries. On the days when the ship is at sea, we can attend classes (and did I mention parties?). When the ship is in port, we take part in ship tours and excursions, just like other passengers. In the evenings we have our own section in the dining room and we are free to dine with fellow MacManiacs. We do lots of table-hopping.

Since there are lots of geeks, there are also lots of cameras and picture-taking. After a week or more together, we have made lots of new friends. However it is sometimes difficult to remember everyone’s names.

My goal this trip was to use my iPhone to take a photo of as many of my fellow travelers who wanted to participate. They were free to add as much information to their card as they wanted to share by having them enter it on my iPhone.

Then I used MobileMe to sync the data to my computer. I am sending the collected vCards to everyone so that we have at least photo and name for each of our fellow cruisers.

As I began sending out the vCards, I discovered that while some people knew exactly what to do with the file, others needed a bit of help. Therefore, these are the directions for those who need a quick review on vCards.

I am sending the vCards as an attachment in an email message. I am using Apple Mail.

The first way to save the attached file is simply to drag it to the desktop of your computer:

Another way to save the file is to your computer by using the “Save” button in the header of the message:

If you use this method, you will want to click the arrow at the end of the file name box so that you can easily designate where the file should be saved.

Now that the vCard file has been downloaded, let’s add it to the Address Book. Drag the vCard file into the leftmost column of the Address book and watch for “All Contacts to become selected. When there is a ring around it, let go of the mouse button.

If there are any cards that seem to match ones already in your address, you will see a window similar to this one. You may want to review the duplicate cards–or you can work on it later. If you have lots of duplicate cards, you may want to read the article here to learn how to clean up your address book.

Now it is time to make a Group for the people you just added to your Address Book. Click on the arrow at the bottom left corner of the window and make a name for you new group.

Since we just imported a group of vCards, they will be listed in “Last Import.” Click on one of the names in the column, the use Command - A to select all the names.

Another, slower, way to select all the names is using the Edit menu in Address Book.

Now drag all of the highlighted names to the MacMania Group.

All of the vCards are now a part of your Address Book, and the names can be isolated by choosing that particular group.

Cruising with our friends from MacMania is always fun! To learn more about future MacMania cruises, check here. We are already signed up for MacMania 14. We hope to see you there.



Back from a month of travel

My husband I and departed Virginia on a very cold morning near the end of January. We headed to San Francisco were we spent two day being tourists before spending the rest of the week at Macworld Expo 2011. It was a busy week surrounded by old friends and a few new ones too. The weather was unseasonably warm and pleasant for Northern California.

On Sunday we departed for Los Angeles, then on to Buenos Aires for 4 days before we departed for MacMania 11. We had a wonderful time, even if both of us got sick. We caught whatever upper respiratory bug was floating around and we never completely shook it. We have been home a week today and I I am finally doing much better.

I have lots to share, but it won’t happen in this post. Look for more soon.