Back to blogging

It has been far too long since I have added anything to MacMousecalls. It was a busy fall. Christmas was hectic. I’ve had trouble thinking of things to write about.

All of those are true, but perhaps the biggest obstacle has been my shoulder. I started having trouble in late September. I was certain it would just go away, so I did nothing. Then I tried the NASID routine for several weeks. Still no relief. Then I finally went to the doctor shortly after Christmas. He diagnosed it as a frozen shoulder and ordered physical therapy. When I finally got in, it was a week before we left for Macworld. Now that we have been back for a week and I have had four therapy appointments, things are slowly starting to improve.

It’s pretty difficult to see that my shoulder is hurt. I can do forward motions of my arm just fine. It’s those to side and to the back that are painful--like holding my arms in a position to type. I also can’t reach behind my back. Putting on a jacket is a real pain!

I still have several months of therapy, but it is now more comfortable to sit at my computer to type.

I am an “instant” person. I am now learning a new form of patience! Look for more updates on a more regular schedule!