Trying something new

As you probably noticed, I haven’t put up many posts in the past few months.

While a part of the problem has been my frustration with blogging with software such as RapidWeaver, another problem has been a busy travel schedule, followed by my need to recover from a particularly virulent flu bug I caught while on vacation. Since I have been home, taxes and family duties have interfered with getting back to a good routine.

I am solving some of the frustration problems by finding a way to blog from my iPad and iPhone. So far, I have set up a companion blog on I’ve purchased a plugin for RapidWeaver, RapidBlog from I’ve posted two entries using Safari. These have “magically” appeared on MacMousecalls.

I have also purchased BloggerPlus in the iTunes App Store. It will allow me to write entries away from my computer!

While you can access the new material over on, an even more convenient way is to click the link in the page header:

I plan to place links here to articles that I post over there:

A try at something new and iPad Babysitting

In general, MacMousecalls on Blogger will be more casual or personal in nature.



Too many photos on your iPhone?

I have carried a camera in my purse or pocket for years! As a young mother, I quickly learned that the cutest/best moments occurred when I was away from home and away from my “good” camera.

Since the iPhone acquired the ability to take good photos, I have slowly abandoned my pocket camera and I have taken most of my photos with it instead.

Since I got my iPhone 4 last summer, I have taken over a thousand photos with it. Right now I have over 7 GB of photos and movies stored on it. Of course, all those photos have been synched with my Mac.

It’s time to take a look at photo management! I usually do that in iPhoto, but there is a slight problem! I have learned through some painful photo losses that I do not erase photos, either on my camera or on my iPhone, until they are located in at least two other places. (In fact, I would prefer having them in three places.)

Because I leave the photos on my iPhone, the camera roll looks like this. There are so many photos that seem to be the same that I am often embarrassed to show my photos to family and friends!

If I delete them from iPhoto, they are just added back the next time I sync my iPhone.

The only obvious way to delete photos from the iPhone is to do it one at a time here:

Have you tried this method? It is so slow and tedious! There has to be a better way--and there is!

First, attach your iPhone to your computer and make sure all photos have been synched. Now, back up the photos on your computer. The easiest way is to force an immediate sync in Time Machine.

If you use another method of backing up, do it now.

On every Macintosh, there is an app in your Applications folder called Image Capture.

When you launch or start it, you will see a window similar to this:

Notice that my iPhone is listed in the left column. In the right column are the photos stored on my camera. in the lower right corner is a slider to enlarge the photo thumbnails.

Enlarge the images and then select the ones you want to delete. Click on the first image, then hold down the Command (or Apple) key on your keyboard. It is located next to the spacebar. When you hold the Command key down, you can select multiple images, even if they are not contiguous (next to each other).

When you have selected some images, press the Delete icon (the circle with the line through it.)

You can select and delete images multiple times. When you are finished, close the Image Capture window and quit it. Do not use the “Import” or “Import All” button since they are already in your iPhoto Library

The photos you selected will be gone from your iPhone and you will be left with only those images that you want to keep.

I plan to begin using this method of keeping only the best photos and movies!

There is just so much to learn about the iPhone and iPhoto. One of the services we offer at Dr. Mac Consulting is tutoring and projects like this make great learning opportunities. Tutorials cost only $60.00 per hour. We use special software to see your computer and we can show you how to do this project and lots more! Give us a call give us a call at Bob LeVitus Consulting. We can discuss your needs and help you formulate a plan that will give you the best “bang for your buck.” You can reach us by telephone at 408 627-7577. Or send an email to