iPhone iOS 5 Home button magic

I was privileged to participate in another MacJury podcast last night. Our topic was the new iPhone 4s. Chuck Joiner, Tonya Engst, Jeff Carlson and I talked for about an hour. We discussed our latest iPhone buying experiences and our early impressions of the iPhone 4s.

Chuck loosely scripts the show so that the panelists can discuss many issues. One of the side topics last night was just how to perform various new functions on the iPhone. Let’s take a look at what the home button can do from the off position.

This is the Home button on the iPhone. Externally, it didn’t change, but the programming certainly changed in this model and iOS 5.


Click the Home button once and you see this, the standard unlock screen.


Now, use the Power button to turn the phone off:

power button

With the screen black, click the Home button two times:


Notice the small camera icon in the lower right corner. Click it to open the Camera app without unlocking the iPhone. Remember that you can also use the Volume Up button on the iPhone to snap a photo or video.

The Play button for Music also appears. it will be blank if you have not recently played a song or podcast However, If you have, that item will show on the screen. You can also adjust the iPhone speaker volume using the slider below the Play button:



Again, use the Power button to turn the iPhone off. This time, click 3 times:


You will see the icon for AirPlay appear if you are on a WiFi network that is linked to other AirPlay devices:


The device you are using will have a check after its name. Because I have an Apple TV and two AirPort Express units on our home network ,they appear. Clicking on one of them would send the Music selection to that device.

The other thing the Home button can be used for is accessing Siri. Click and hold the Home button, either from the black screen or at any screen of an iPhone 4S.


You will hear a double tone and the Siri icon will appear. Speak while the icon is purple and Siri is there to help. If you don’t know what Siri can do, click the “i” icon for some help.


I’ll be back later with further iPhone 4S and iOS 5 adventures.

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iPhone 4s buying adventures

I was really hoping for an easy transition to a new iPhone 4s. Somehow, it did not work quite as I had planned!

First, there were new phone orders. When I went to bed on Thursday, October 6, I contemplated setting an alarm for 3:00 a.m., but I decided to let nature be in charge. I was awake by 3:10 and Safari was reporting that the Apple Store was off-line. I tried again in a few minutes, and I was able to get to the iPhone ordering page. Although I could choose my phone, choose my carrier, and enter my account information, things rapidly went downhill after that. I just could not seem to get through! Since I actually needed to order 2 iPhones, a white one for me and a black one for my husband, I opened two Safari windows. Then I decided to open a few more. Finally, the black iPhone page progressed and I was able to place an order. So, I closed that window and kept trying in the other windows…and that compounded my problems.

I thought I had both phones ordered, and I thought I had ordered for two different phone numbers--but I hadn’t and Apple cancelled my second black iPhone order. Of course, by the time that happened, all pre-orders were sold out, so I had a bigger problem.

In our home, I typically get the first device, and my husband gets the leftovers. I am acutely aware that this is not really that fair and so I try to make sure that he gets at least some things on the day they are released. Since the black iPhone was meant for him, I could not justify taking it as my own. Besides, I wanted a white iPhone.

I placed an order for a white iPhone from Apple, realizing it would come when we would be away from home for a few days. But I really wanted an iPhone of my own on day one, so I would have to wait in line for it. I am proud to say I almost ALWAYS wait in line for new Apple devices, but this time there would be a few problems. I live in the metropolitan Washington DC area. Stores were slated to open a 8:00 a.m. That would mean I would be traveling in the thick of rush hour and if lines were long, it could take me all morning and perhaps most of the afternoon.

There was only one other choice, an AT&T store. There is an outlet mall just a few miles south of me (against rush hour traffic). They just opened a new, larger store there. It look to be my best chance of getting an iPhone without waiting all day. It wasn’t an Apple store, so there should be shorter lines, but the ambiance of waiting in line at the Apple store would be missing. I decided time was important, so I headed south in time to be at the store at 8:00 am when it opened.

It worked! I was able to be home with my new white iPhone in about 2 hours. I missed the camaraderie of the Apple Store, but I had my new iPhone on Day One.

Buying an iPhone at AT&T turned out to be a great experience, They were able to cancel my online order with Apple, The salesman was very helpful and it was fast!

I’ve had my iPhone 4s for a few days now. I really love it. I can’t decide what feature I like best. I videoed my grandson’s Ankle-biter football game, took photos of our family as we gathered for a large formal portrait at a local park, and I have had lots of fun with Siri. Phone calls sound great, I have lots of room for apps, movies, podcasts and photos. The videos and photos are wonderful. And did I mention the iPhone 4s is fast?


So long, Steve Jobs

I’ve been sitting in front of my MacBook Pro all morning. To my right is my iPad and to the left, my iPhone. I’ve worked with a client, read some emails and done a little surfing.

I am struck by how many people have been profoundly affected by the death of Steve Jobs. While I expected a reaction among my Mac friends and colleagues, I am awed by reaction of others. So many feel his loss. So many have expressed their sorrow.

I never really met Steve Jobs, though I saw him at about a dozen Macworld Expo keynotes. I shook his hand briefly in the Apple booth once, but that is the only physical contact I ever had with him. However, he has had a major effect in my life.

As my youngest children were beginning school, I started helping in the computer lab at their school. As my knowledge increased, I became known as a teacher and troubleshooter, and perhaps as a bit of an evangelist.

I was fed by Apple magazines and books and eventually, by my many trips to Macworld Expos. I loved the keynotes and I would stand in line for hours to attend them. I would always watch product announcements and WWDC keynotes too.

Steve Jobs was a wonderful, dynamic speaker. He always made me want (need?) the next new Apple product.

I have missed Steve at the last few Macworld Expos. Now, he’s truly gone. I (we) will miss him. As someone said on Facebook last night…