iPhone and iPod Touch - How to update an application

There is a bug, either in the software for the iPhone or in iTunes that may cause applications on the iPhone not to update properly. I started to write this post several weeks ago, but decided to wait until the iPhone 2.1 software update was released to see if it fixed the problem. The new software has been released – and I am still having issues, so I suspect some of you are too.

This is the easiest way I have found to get iPhone and iPod Touch applications to update properly… Click here to read more...

What do you keep under your MacBook?

Recently I have taken part in several online discussions about MacBooks and MacBook Pros and just what to set them on.

In each discussion, various objects and surfaces have been suggested as the perfect thing to keep under a portable computer. Notice I did not call them laptops. These days Apple and most other manufacturers call them portables. They get to hot to comfortably rest them on your lap!

There were lots of suggestions for different articles to place under the computer. One gentleman suggested placing the computer directly on a wooden desk and rationalized that the desktop would act as a heat sink. Another woman said she uses her MacBook sleeve, made out of wetsuit material, to protect her legs from the heat. Another person said they use a thick coffee table book. All of these suggestions are BAD ones!…
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Just where have I been?????

Wow! it has ben a long time since I posted anything on MacMousecalls. Let’s see if I can come up with a few excuses.
  • My dog died -- nope, that won’t work -- I don’t have a dog.
  • The cat ate my homework -- no cat and no homework, but lots of home work!
  • I went on a great cruise -- that’s not till the end of October!
Actually, I went out to California to spend a week with my husband who was on a long assignment for work. We had a great time, visited family and old friends and did a little sight-seeing…
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