Training, Training, Training

I am always looking for ways to learn about new programs for my Macintosh, but I want the training to be reasonably priced. While Apple provides training on Apple products in the stores and provides training on Apple and Adobe products, where do you go to find training on software and web services such as Evernote, TextExpander, and Fluid. Even more difficult, were can you find information about how to expand the capabilities of your AppleTV with ATV Flash?

Don McAllister creates weekly videos on these programs and a lot more at
ScreenCastsOnline. His programs are well-done and easy to follow. While there is a free edition of his programs, the videos offered with a membership to ScreenCastsOnline offers so much more! The videos are larger in size, sometimes offer extra content, and there are members-only shows. Click here to read more...

ScreenCastOnline Tutorial for Vector Designer

Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline stays very busy producing his weekly screencast. Last week's episode was a tutorial on VectorDesigner, a piece of software included in the January MacHeist bundle. I bought the bundle, downloaded the software and filed away my new serial numbers, then got busy with all of my current projects.

I own Adobe Illustrator. I can't say I use it much, but I occasionally work with a client who needs help and I can usually figure out what is wrong or I can point them to a good resource for help. The learning curve for Illustrator is so steep, that I just never use it for my own projects. Click here to read more...

MacLevelTen - Just What is it?

Have you ever noticed that any time a group of people get together with common interests and needs, they tend to form a group or association or club -- or something that brings people with like interests or problems together? Just think about it. We have networks of television and radio stations, newspaper groups, trade associations, and even Macintosh User Groups.

In this New Media era, there are many formal and informal groups forming. There are now many podcasting and blogging networks. Groups of New Media content producers work together to promote their products, learn from each other and share tips and success stories.

Back in the fall, Chuck Joiner contacted some of his blogging and podcasting friends and suggested that we form a media group, MacLevelTen.
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