iPhone iOS 5 Home button magic

I was privileged to participate in another MacJury podcast last night. Our topic was the new iPhone 4s. Chuck Joiner, Tonya Engst, Jeff Carlson and I talked for about an hour. We discussed our latest iPhone buying experiences and our early impressions of the iPhone 4s.

Chuck loosely scripts the show so that the panelists can discuss many issues. One of the side topics last night was just how to perform various new functions on the iPhone. Let’s take a look at what the home button can do from the off position.

This is the Home button on the iPhone. Externally, it didn’t change, but the programming certainly changed in this model and iOS 5.


Click the Home button once and you see this, the standard unlock screen.


Now, use the Power button to turn the phone off:

power button

With the screen black, click the Home button two times:


Notice the small camera icon in the lower right corner. Click it to open the Camera app without unlocking the iPhone. Remember that you can also use the Volume Up button on the iPhone to snap a photo or video.

The Play button for Music also appears. it will be blank if you have not recently played a song or podcast However, If you have, that item will show on the screen. You can also adjust the iPhone speaker volume using the slider below the Play button:



Again, use the Power button to turn the iPhone off. This time, click 3 times:


You will see the icon for AirPlay appear if you are on a WiFi network that is linked to other AirPlay devices:


The device you are using will have a check after its name. Because I have an Apple TV and two AirPort Express units on our home network ,they appear. Clicking on one of them would send the Music selection to that device.

The other thing the Home button can be used for is accessing Siri. Click and hold the Home button, either from the black screen or at any screen of an iPhone 4S.


You will hear a double tone and the Siri icon will appear. Speak while the icon is purple and Siri is there to help. If you don’t know what Siri can do, click the “i” icon for some help.


I’ll be back later with further iPhone 4S and iOS 5 adventures.

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MacJury Duty on Case 920

I received a summons to duty on the MacJury podcast the other night. The jurors deliberated on the new 27″ iMac, Apple’s Acquisition of LaLa, the JooJoo Pad and several other topics. My fellow jurors included Victor Cajiao, Mark Fuccio and John Martellaro. As always, the panel was hosted by Chuck Joiner. The discussions were lively and the opinions expressed were far-ranging. You can listen to the podcast and find the links to what we discussed here. There are also links for each of the jury members.