Is scrolling really backward in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion?

In earlier versions of the Mac OS, dragging down the trackpad to scroll moved the page down. That really does not make sense. Put a paper on the table in front of you. Now, bring the bottom on the page into view. Did you move the paper down--or UP!

This is the logic behind the change in scrolling direction on the Mac. It is more “natural” to use the trackpad or the flat upper surface of the Apple Magic Mouse in this way.

Apple is slowly moving away from the mouse to the trackpad. This is a screen shot from the iMac page in the Apple Store. When we bought a new iMac a few weeks ago, we opted for the Magic Trackpad since both my husband and I are comfortable with trackpads in Apple’s portable computers.


If you don’t want to re-train your muscle memory (but you should), you can “fix” this behavior.

For the trackpad:


For the mouse:

mouse scrolling

There are more additions to mouse and trackpad behavior. Be sure to pay attention to the video lessons in the Mouse and Trackpad System Preferences.